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Dedicated Trucking and Specialized Hauling Services

We can supply equipment and services to meet all of your truckload and superload needs. We are capable in servicing difficult and off-point regions, and we offer competitive pricing according to demands and requirements. When we commit to a job, we sweat every detail. We'll determine the best mode, research the routes, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local requirements. We have extensive experience moving heavy and oversized loads. We will manage the entire move from planning and routing to permitting and surveying to scheduling and coordinating escorts, state police, utility crews, cranes or any other outside services.

We own a specialty fleet of equipment, and we represent an extensive network of fully screened and qualified transportation vendors. We affiliate only with established professionals, and we demand unfailing reliability. We wouldn't trust your freight - and our reputation - to anything less. The multiple options we have are a benefit to you in that we can usually find any kind of truck or trailer anywhere in North America at any given time.

Over 30 years, we have worked with small manufacturers, large manufacturers, power companies, automobile companies, steel companies, engineering firms. On the flip side, we've worked with carriers, railroads, barge companies, ports of entry, customs agencies, freight forwarders, escorting services, state permitting agencies, crane & rigging companies, etc.

We consider our network of business contacts to be our most valuable asset. Put our experience to work for you. Make your next shipment hassle-free. Let Transport Unlimited handle it for you. You can count on quality, reliability and complete customer service.

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